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We designed the conductive VICON BAND for your mattress. You can improve your health anytime and anywhere by stretching it over your linen sheet. Sleep effectively and regenerate over night with your VICON BAND.

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Production Manager Christian Harml erklärt, wie die viconnect Erdungstechnologie funktioniert:

Our Vicon vitality contact products consists of special fabrics which are able to integrate conductive textile materials. The respective earthing product is then connected to a socket by means of a special plug, through which no electrical current flows, in order to use the earthing contact available in the socket. Consequently, you are immediately reconnected to the earth’s surface as if you were walking barefoot.

Electrical current does not flow at any time neither through the grounding product nor the connecting cable!

Attach VICON BAND to the mattress
Connect the cable to the grounding contacts on the socket outlet
Finally sleep deeply and restful!
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Your way back to the original, natural well-being with the best grounding products from VICON.

mitigates the causes for inflammations and reduces or eliminates inflammations in the body

protects against their numerous negative health consequences, also including geriatric disorders and the aging process itself

reduces and eliminates acute and chronic pains and can put an end to unbearable permanent condition

increases the energy level, has a performance-enhancing effect and strengthens the general vitality

regulates blood pressure by improving the flow properties of the blood

improves and accelerates the healing process or wound healing

improves sleep, relieves tensions and reduces stress and overuse symptoms

accelerates the regeneration after intensive sport activities as well as the reduction of muscle soreness

protects against environmental electromagnetic fields possibly injurious to health and helps with headaches

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Indulge yourself: recovery, health, vitality!

Discover how contact with the earth positively influences your health and increases your well-being.

  • Stress reduction and anti-aging
  • more energy & vitality
  • sleep effectively & regenerate
  • healthy & immune-strengthening

The easiest way to do this is walking barefoot on the earth – as people have done since the beginning of mankind. In doing so, however, they did not recognize that a natural electrical signal has been transmitted to their bodies. Earth is a natural source of electrons and fine electrical fields decisively ensuring that body rhythm, immune system, blood circulation and many other processes in our body function properly.

As soon as we walk barefoot, free electrons flow from the surface of the earth into our body and distributes where they are most needed to balance voltage: e.g. caused by electric smog, static charging, etc.

And this exactly is the freedom and health that we want to bring back to you – with VICON vitality contact.

This enables you to improve your health anytime and anywhere; mo matter whether you are - at work, on the road, in your leisure time or when you are asleep.

We use a special “earthing technology” – viconnect technology - reconnecting you to the earth’s surface and protecting you against electromagnetic radiation, etc.

Change your life and get your VICON BAND now!


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